Built in 1912, the Lighthouse Inn was originally a small inn to enjoy drinks, dinner and maybe rent one of the cabins that used to sit behind the restaurant.
  During prohibition it became a common stop for Chicago land mobsters looking to “beat the heat” until things cooled off back home in the Windy City.

  Yes, Al Capone dined here. As did John Dillenger. If you’re sitting in the booth to the left of the lounge entrance, that’s exactly where Dillinger's gun went off and left a hole in the wall. Even though it is no longer there, it is still a part of our history.

  On your way out, look to the left of the front doors and catch a glimpse of the way the Lighthouse used to look originally.The two small stone lighthouses were destroyed when a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel.

  Those two lighthouses may be long gone and mobsters no longer frequent the place but our reputation for providing a relaxing evening with great food remains.  

Our Promise:

  We will provide you with the exceptional service in the comfortable atmosphere you’ve come to expect from us. On the rare occasion where we may have overlooked something or something about your meal doesn't meet your expectations, please bring it to our attention immediately and we will do everything we can to make it right.
                                                             Thank You,
                                                                 Stephen J McAtee & Staff

6905  Mount Vernon Road SE  Cedar Rapids , Iowa  52403   Phone # 319-362-3467 
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