The Lighthouse Inn Supper Club

The purpose of this agreement is to ensure our guests receive the most complete service possible for your function. It will detail what The Lighthouse Inn Supper Club will be responsible for and also what both parties have agreed to. It is binding for both parties and will require you signing the last page and mailing it and your  room charge back to The Lighthouse Inn for our records and also for booking your party. It is necessary to mail back the last page and pay the room charge or your party is not booked or guaranteed.  The party rooms are non smoking.
Private Rooms:
There will be a $100 non-refundable per room charge to book your party. This will ensure the room(s) is yours for the entire evening. No one, other than your party, will be seated in your room. If you opt not to pay the $100 then we cannot guarantee your room will remain private. There is a limit of 40 people.
It is important to arrive as close to your scheduled time as possible. This ensures not only the availability of your entrée choices, but also the level of service you expect. We realize that circumstances may arise that are beyond your control. If this is the case, please call us at 362-3467 and let us know as soon possible.

Floor Arrangements:
Due to the fact that not all our banquet tables are the same size, it is not possible to connect them. We do not allow moving of the tables the night of your function. This requires more staff and could result in damage to the carpet. If you would like discuss how the tables will be arranged, we will be happy to do this in advance.

Bar types:
If you prefer a bar for your function, there are three different choices available.

Open Bar :
Each guest would order whatever unlimited amount of drinks they like.  We will keep a running tally and will present it to you on your bill at the end of the night.   

Ticket Bar:
Each guest is given two drink tickets which they can redeem at the bar for what ever they like. We keep a running tally and present it to you on your bill at the end of the night. Any more than two drinks, the guest(s) would pay for themselves. This gives you the ability to offer your guests two drinks on you, more then that they would pay for it themselves.

Cash Bar:
Each guest would pay for his or hers drinks themselves.

 If your function is for 20 or fewer people, we recommend the menu be limited choice and consist of no more of three items. These three items will need to be finalized no later than two weeks before the date of your function to ensure availability. These choices being:

BBQ Ribs     Broasted Chicken 
Baked Baby Cod   Grilled Chicken 
                 Fried Shrimp 

                                   Sales tax and 20 % gratuity added to all menu selections   

In addition to your entrée choice, you will also be able to choose from either a baked potato, garlic mashed potatoes, or wild rice. This selection can be made the night of the party. Also you will receive a tossed house dinner salad with your choice of dressing                                                                                
Dinner :
If you function is for 30 or more people, we suggest a two-meat buffet or a 3 meat buffet Especially during a week-end night, as our dining room gets very busy.
The meat choices for the buffet include:

BBQ Ribs  Broasted Chicken  Grilled Chicken  Baked Baby Cod  
 (2 meat buffet is . per person and a 3 meat buffet i    per person)
                        Prime Rib ( . more per person)

In addition to the two meat choices, the buffet will also offer baked potatoes, garlic mashed potatoes, A hot broccoli-cauliflower cheese sauce dish, tossed house salad,(served with french,ranch,1000 island dressing) Fluff salad ,coleslaw , macaroni salad.
     Sales tax and 20% gratuity added to all menu selections, price includes pop, milk, 
coffee ,tea ,iced tea with the meal.                                                                         
If you would like to offer dessert to your guest, we offer  homemade dessert .Your Dessert is not included in any entrée price, and wouldan additional cost.   

 Please call us to see if your date is open
      Our smaller party room holds up to 25-30
 A  look inside  of Joise's Dive

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